Thursday, April 4, 2013

Velkommen til friskpro

This blog will contain information about several occupational health issues, such as sickness absence, work-home factors, burnout, job satisfaction and mental health.

We will publish upcoming interesting conferences, summaries from articles and book chapters, and conference presentations.

Eventually, we will also publish findings from our own studies.

The blog is connected to the project: "Work-home strains, psychological distress and sickness absence among mothers – A prospective study of mechanisms and protective factors" at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (Nasjonalt Folkehelseinstitutt). The project is financed by the Norwegian Research Council.

The project includes the Tracking Opportunities and Problems-study (The TOPP-study) and the MoBa-studyThe blog contributors are Wendy Nilsen and Anni Skipstein, who both are post doctoral candidates on this project.

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